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Charminster Pre-School is a registered charity run by a volunteer team of trustees known as the committee. The committee is made up of interested parties from members of the preschool and the local community and is governed by its constitution. The committee holds it AGM in October, but new committee members can be co-opted on at any time through out the year. 

The day to day running of the pre-school is managed by the play leader and the staff team. The committee responsibilities include setting and managing the budget for the year, ensuring the pre-school is appropriately staffed and managed and organising fundraising events. The committee meet half termly to receive an overview of the status of the preschool and to discuss the half term ahead. 

The committee is very important to the preschool and the charity thrives because of the dedication of the people who work with us. Parents, carers and other interested parties are welcomed at all committee meetings. becoming a committee member and/or attending meetings offers you the opportunity to become more practically involved in the care and education of your child . We do hope many of you will come along and see what it is all about. 

Meeting Dates 2023-2024

Tuesday 3rd October AGM & Committee Meeting

Tuesday 14th November

Tuesday 16th January

Tuesday 27th February

Tuesday 23rd April

Tuesday 11th June

Meetings are held at Charminster Pre-School (but are currently being held via Zoom) and begin at 7:30pm.

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